My Top 8 Strategies for preventing tantrums is on its way and you can get working on them when they arrive in the next 10-15 minutes but, wait! 
I’ve written you a letter… 


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You're at your wits end.
You’ve tried it all. 
Yelling, not yelling. 
Time in, time out. 
Rewards, threats.
Counting to three. 

It hasn't worked.

I know you’re over second-guessing yourself, but you can’t give up until you have tried this!

From my home to yours ,

I know you think this parenting gig should come naturally and that you should just ‘know what to do’. I’ve worked with hundreds of parents who thought the same. Parents who felt like their kid was the only one that was always pressing their buttons, acting out and just never doing what they were told. 

These parents were trying their hardest, but just never getting anywhere. If you can’t bear the thought of one more explosive tantrum, are feeling embarrassed by your child’s behaviour at the playground and are sick and tired of feeling like you’re asking a brick wall to put on their shoes then I’ve got you!

The thing is parents aren’t born; they’re built. Built on the foundations of understanding yourself, understanding your unique child, having the skills in your toolbox to respond to tough behaviours and knowing what to do when the moment passes, and you’re left picking up the pieces.

 If you’re looking to understand your child from a developmental perspective and learn strategies to effectively respond to challenging behaviours whilst not just maintaining but improving your relationship with your children, then come and join me in the Positive Parenting Puzzle. 

  I am here for YOU and I get you.   
What I can teach you in this programme is backed by decades of research and comes from my 7 (and counting) years of continuing higher education. I have successfully helped hundreds of families to better understand each other.  

  I’m also right here with you on this parenting journey and as a mum of two I practice what I preach every single day. I’m not perfect and you don’t need to be either, but I will teach you exactly what you need to know and the work you need to do so that you can say goodbye to the parent you don't want to be and to be the parent your kid needs.
This programme is aimed at parents and caregivers of 0-5 year olds but the strategies I teach are the foundations for a positive relationship with your child through all of the years and can be used on your pre-teens, teens and even your partner! 
What would your day be like if you could wake up feeling empowered and confident knowing that you have the skills to understand and respond (without reacting) to any of your child’s behaviours? 
To understand why everything you tried in the past hasn’t worked and what to do instead. Imagine understanding your own triggers so intimately that you can bid them good riddance and imagine saying goodbye to old patterns of parenting from generations gone by that don’t serve you. 

The Positive Parenting Puzzle will give you all of the pieces you need to get started on your positive parenting journey.

Imagine being able to say things like:

“I don’t worry that I’m not getting it right anymore, I know I’m on the right path”
“This is developmentally appropriate behaviour for my child, I know how to respond”
“I understand this behaviour has nothing to do with me and I know what they need in this moment”

Ahhhhhh just imagine it.

When you manage to get all of the pieces to the puzzle slotted into the right places you will start to feel connected with your children, you will know the reasons for their behaviour and will have the confidence, support and empowerment to respond to them in meaningful and effective ways. 

You will be able to set boundaries that are consistent and predictable for your children and that work for you. Every time. 

You will have the confidence to be able to go out in public without fearing that your child is going to embarrass you or be unmanageable.

You will finally be able to accept the ways that you were parented and ensure that your history doesn’t have to be written into your future.


  • It’s backed by developmental psychology and research. I’m not just ‘another toddler mum’                            telling you what worked for me. The skills I teach are supported by decades of research.
  • ​​It’s based on setting up the foundations of your parenting relationship with your children so                      that they are strong and secure. A secure attachment is an emotional advantage that will last                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            you a lifetime. You will never regret setting these foundations. 
  • ​​It will teach you the meaning and the cause of behaviours so that you can respond with                                  confidence to their needs.
  • ​​Once you understand where you came from and where you’re at right now on your parenting                     journey you can start to understand where you want to go and the parent you want to become.
  • ​​You will experience a natural and almost immediate shift in how to make your manic moments                   magical ones to raise emotionally intelligent, resilient children who co-operate and listen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Honestly.

I know you’re busy and time poor so this program is jam packed with easy to digest strategies  delivered over 6 weeks to give you chance to get through the content without feeling overwhelmed. It’s delivered in bite sized chunks, is 100% online and can be accessed on all devices that have a reliable internet connection.


Let’s break it all down.

Easy to Digest Contents

  •  Over 36 videos with easy to digest content
  • ​​​Content unlocked weekly 
  • ​​​Digital workbooks to track your success


  •  24/7 on demand access on any device 
  • ​12 months access so that you can take your time to digest
  • ​Access to a community of like-minded parents to share your journey with 
  • ​​​14 day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked

Special Bonuses

  •  ​​6 sessions of group coaching to answer any of your specific questions LIVE – Valued at $660 
  •  One personal email per week for 6 weeks to answer questions related to your unique situation – Valued at $894 

Long-term Results

  •  Total parenting transformation – Priceless 
  • ​A co-operative, connected relationship with your children and partner – Priceless 


Get these 5 parenting-transforming modules + 1 bonus module!

Module 1 : Parent-Child Audit

- Attachment theory basics and how to create a secure attachment
- Intimately understand your triggers and how to change them  
- How your own childhood is affecting your parenting
- How to understand your family values and priorities
- Your child’s unique temperament and how to parent their individual traits
- Your parenting style and how this affects your child's development

Module 2 : Behaviour Basics

- How behaviours are learned
- Why your child ‘misbehaves’ *hint* they aren’t naughty
- The underlying needs of behaviours and how to meet them
- Positive strategies to respond to challenging behaviours
- How to 'fill your child's cup'
- The difference between responding and reacting
- How you may be contributing to challenging behaviours

Module 3 : Responding to Behaviours

- The basics of discipline and how to effectively use discipline
- An understanding of punishment and what isn't recommended
- How to use effective discipline with strategies for different scenarios
- How to effectively use consequences
- The importance of managing yourself 'in the moment' and how to do that

Module 4 : Sibling Relationships

- What is sibling rivalry and what is its purpose
- The impact of birth order, temperament and age difference and why it’s important
- What role you may play in sibling rivalry
- Developmental stages and causes of conflict
- How to enable your kids to resolve conflict

Module 5 : The Relationship

- How to play to increase co-operation
- How to build attachment through play
- Your child's Love Languages
- How to repair your relationship when you react instead of respond

Bonus Module : Parental Self-Care

- What's on your parenting load; how to delegate and ditch
- A shift in your parenting mindset
- How to co-parent and what roles to play
- Why parental self care is essential for your child

I’m Sarah Bolitho, founder of Secure Foundations and I can teach you how to turn your home from manic to magic!

I know how you’re feeling. I’ve helped hundreds of families, just like you who were burnt out, stressed out and feeling like perhaps they just weren’t cut out for this parenting gig.

They knew that they didn’t want to be the parent forever yelling, spending all day wishing bedtime would come so that the day could just be over. They knew that they didn’t want to parent the way that they were parented but just couldn’t change the path to the future.

I knew that these parents were trying their absolute hardest, they felt like they had tried everything and they just weren’t getting the results. Until we completed all the pieces of the puzzle and they finally started getting results. They managed to get out of survival mode, to understand why what they were trying wasn’t working and of course why what I was teaching them was working. So that they could continue to apply these skills to all their future challenges.